Find a pet to adopt

If you are a pet lover and looking to adopt a pet then PetSearch is the right place to be.You can find a pet with just a click of a button!

Want to sell your pet?

If you are a pet owner or breeder and you want to sell your pet then just post an ad on Petsearch. We will connect you with a number of people who are interested in your pet.

Report Lost pet

Found a pet wandering on streets? Report about it immidiatelly by just posting an ad. Petsearch will connect you to the community to help you find the pet its right owner.

Information about pets/breeds

Petsearch provides you complete information about a pet or its breed. Just search for a breed or a pet and all its related information will be on your screen.

Pet Diet

If you are a new pet owner or thinking of owning a pet but unsure about what and how to feed it, worry not. Petsearch provides you details about the nutrition and diet of the pet.

Vet clinic/Doctors in your area

Enables users to search and find vet clinics and doctors in their area. Users can get information about the facilities provided by these pet clinics and their location.

Pet center

Users can find pet centers and kennels in their area and city. Anyone finding a lost pet can provide the location of the nearest pet center and drop in the pet there.

Pet Breeders

Pet breeders can post ads about different breeds bred by them. They can boost and highlight their posts to reach a wider audience.